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The concept of category is grouping the measures according to which component of the building we are going;
once the category has been identified, assume that, for that category, we can select only one measure to modify or replace
- examples: roof: we can choose only one measure for this category

the technical effect column shows the effect that occurs in the energy calculation; for example, the roof category has an effect on the transmittance of the building roof

name uuid description associated to technical_effect
roof 90dcc548-ef7e-5b85-3213-7cf8a9342b5f null both roof transmittance
facade 05ff777e-8a6d-c432-fc5c-01af94a3be98 null both facade trasmittance
windows 22c737c2-e1a0-4784-9d01-6b56c44fc2de null both transmittance of windows
floor fa4a317e-c17f-113c-3097-c61dfd5efa0a null both transmittance of the floor
doors 65490e66-f110-ef1b-db1e-e048ce6c042d null only component transmittance of the access doors to the house
ventilation ef37615c-fe8e-aea9-a45f-6a0a77b523ba null only measures affects ventilation losses; it is necessary to provide a heat recovery system to reduce these losses -> efficiency of heat recovery
cooling system 26a0fdad-859a-a977-bebc-562e79584166 null only measures energy consumption for building cooling
sun flow 39851882-23c5-2de6-cf52-7e1ade4fa6d9 null only measures reduction of solar loss due to irradiation (in summer)
heating system b77256a7-35ab-42de-9afe-f545da2e6076 null both efficiency of the heating system
energy generation d9919e4c-ec68-c322-2748-2e18428c9a9e null both power generation (electric, thermal, ...) from renewable sources
thermal bridges 16e5c004-7b6b-7c0f-8e55-b347bd08e98c null both reduction of thermal bridges and therefore improvement of the building's energy performance
domestic hot water system 981dda68-e2fd-278a-d560-00e1562c625d null both efficiency of the domestic hot water generation system
ceiling ba24eb78-7a91-48c0-d216-c0bb84620762 null only component null
heating storage system 890ff9b1-2a55-fb8e-b016-24189f7f12e1 null only component null
heating distribution system 853907d9-5c85-1977-e345-d6136142476c null only component null
heating_auxiliaries_system 3f1ace9e-8ec9-f1bb-5651-c0909857098c null only component null
dhw storage system 43f143ba-d950-c200-7a95-8e82df031f40 null only component null
dhw distribution system 8a8800c5-4ee9-9e76-d5ca-055d749a74b7 null only component null
dhw auxiliaries system 5c8d73d5-de7d-761c-d43c-fecbf58b0e01 null only component null